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Thanks everyone! Oh geesh he has stolen my heart, it's sort of like having a toddler though. He is growing SO fast! I love cradling him like my little baby and cherish these times as I know that soon this time will pass but I am confident there will be other joys are to come. He is such a little ham and clumsy, it's so fun to watch him pouncing and running. He's definately a momma's boy but has begun whining now when my husband leaves the room too, not that we are encouraging it but my poor husband felt all left out. awww

The crate training is going SLOW, he hates it with a passion but is starting to calm himself down after a while and sleep. We went to the movies last night and he was crated for two hours, which is long for him at this time save sleep time at night and when we got home he was quiet ! I went up to his room and talked to him, let him out and we went outside without ANY fuss or over excited-ness, he did stay close but seemed less stressed than in previous days.

He's also been fantastic with the cats and the chins. I keep him leashed to one of us when the chins are out running around but he makes no move to chase and actually shows very little interest in them, for now. I hope that continues or he'll be banished like the cats during chin playtime. The cats slide their little paws under the door waving at us when they are locked out of the playroom. I imagine Simon will just bust down the door, nahhh he's a good boy and I'll be working a lot with him to help facillitate his manners.
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