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My chinnie needs a bath!

When I got Skeeter and Scrappy I was told they may not really know how to bathe. The breeder said that their mom took crazy baths and that they may have not quite gotten the hang of it. Well, low and behold my 2 newest chins are not good bathers. Mo gets soooo excited when he sees it's bathtime. He immediately jumps in. Sometimes the bath house doesn't even make it all the way in the cage before he's in! Which makes this problem so weird. I know that chins usually love taking baths.

Scrappy does ok. He doesn't spend as much time in there as Mo does but he does get in and roll around. Skeeter, on the other hand, rolls around in the dust that flies out of the bath house onto the melamine. He rarely gets in the bath house and when he does, he just jumps in and jumps out.

Does anyone have any tricks they've used to fix this problem? I worry about Skeeter because his fur looks kinda icky compared to the other guys. Not really bad, but you can tell he needs a bath. Would treats work? Should I get him his own bath house? I'll try anything at this point!

Oh, and I should add I ordered a different brand of dust this week to see if that might help. I'm switching them from Blue Sparkle to Blue Cloud.
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