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Hmmm, well first a hedgie's not a good impluse buy... but then pets are never good impulse buys, IMO.

You can use Yesterday's news, but astro turf is a no-no. Don't use cedar or regular pine (only use kiln dried). IMO the best litter is Cell-Sorb. You'll probably have to order it online but it's the best stuff that I've come across. You can also use Velux (they love it!) and it can be purchased affordably at Walmart or Target.

As for food, I would feed half hedgie food and half of a high quality kitten food (when they get older you may need to switch to a weight control cat food because hedgies have a tendancy to become obese). Chicken Soup for Cat Lovers is an awesome food and highly recommended from hedgie owners. You'll want a high protein & low fat food.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
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