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Yay Kim! I'm so happy that you are saving some precious little bunnies!!!

Well Carmen gave you tons of great info. The pellets that I used are Kaytee Forti-diet, but I'm not sure if you have Kaytee there. Any high quality fortified alfalfa pellet would work. There are also timothy pellets which are supposed to be better for adult bunnies, but I can't get mine to eat them. The rescue that I got my bunnies from suggests a diet that is mainly veggie and hay based, with only a small amount of pellets. I have found (with my bunnies anyway) that pellets can cause the bunny to not each as much hay and veggies, and I have also noticed that they can gain a lot of weight from pellets. Mine just love those darn pellets so much! What I usually do is give my bunnies their veggies in the morning, and after they eat all of those I will give them 1/4 cup pellets each. They have access to unlimited hay so they eat that throughout the day and at night when their pellets are gone. Of course, I have adult bunnies and I'm sure the nutritional needs of babies are different.

The main veggies that I feed are: Parsley (regular and Italian), cilantro, dandelion greens, broccoli, and carrots. They aren't supposed to have too many carrots but carrot tops are really good for them. Bunnies love leafy greens. Kale, escarole, endive, (sorry if I butchered the spelling on any of these) swiss chard...those are all good. Any kind of grass hay is good. I use timothy and oat, wheat, and barley combo. I've read that baby bunnies should get alfalfa hay until they are like 6 months old or something. They need the calcium in it. After that they shouldn't have alfalfa anymore. I'm sure has more info on that.

And I agree with Carmen that you should get two bunnies! I think its better unless you have LOTS of time to spend with the bunny. You have such an advantage since you are getting them as babies. You don't have to go through the whole bonding ordeal like I do!

And yes, they go crazy when the hormones kick in. I couldn't let my female out because she would chase my cats and mount them! She also forgot that she was litter box trained and she'd run around like crazy with poops flying everywhere! It was a sight to see!

I'm so excited for you. Please let us know if you have anymore questions!
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