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Originally Posted by HamterDudette
my hammy doesn't bite at all. but he's very, very, very uninterested in everything, and lazy. so when i place my hand in the cage for him to climb on, he just lumbers over, sees if i have a snack, if i do, he takes it and lumbers(not runs, he's not scared) back to his "lair"(what i call the big pile of tissues, poo, and food in his house. he's like a little dragon, except with a lot less sense of value), and nibbles a little, then drops it like he has short term memory loss, and goes todo something else, like run on ihs wheel, or eat more, or sleep. if i don't have a snack, he goes back, and i swear i can hear him grumbling "waste of my time...*mumble, mumble*" i said, he's very laid back.
My God!!! That sounds so much like my last syrian, Frank (R.I.P.). He did exactly as your hammy does when I placed my hand in his tank (even the "mumble mumble"). I remember when I didn't had a treat and he was walking back to doing his own bussiness I used to touch his head with my finger and he would turn the front part of his body around and push back my finger then continue walking (and probably saying "don't touch me! I'm mad at you!")

Here is the only picture I have of him:

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