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does anybody have experience on dwarf hamsters? i'd really like to know how many people have had dwarves that are actually unfriendly. usually, the only dwarf hamster owners that speak up are the ones with friendly ones because the other people are too embarassed that they didn't get what they hoped for...the ones in the petstore are so cute, i had to consider them!
I have raised over 400 of the dwarf hamsters and yes some do bite and some didn't.No matter how much I interacted with them some would still give a nip if startled.I had a few that were just biters from the time they were born.
The worst biters I ever had was a male I paired with a female.They were both very friendly till the babies came along.Then they got very protective and if I put my hand in the cage to feed here they both came and latch onto my hand.They left it bloody on several occasions.
My grandaughter was always in there with me and she was warned about some of them(those with babies)not to get around them.She was 2 years old and got bit on several occassions but that never stopped her she never feared any of them.
AS far as a good pet in my opinion I know you want color but degus are by far more friendly than a hamster but as with guniea pigs they need space.My grandkids can get any of them out without fear of being bit.
I have never had a rat but have had a few mice when I was younger.So I have no idea about a rat.
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