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As you know, I'm researching snakes and birds as well and have found that even a corn snake normally kills its prey by constriction. So with a small bird like Larry, I'd have to be cautious with a full grown corn snake around.

I think the key is going to be regular tank checks before bed time and a "foolproof" cover/lock on the tank. I'd have the added bonus of the snake being in a different room than the birds -- but I expect that would be different for you. Still no decision yet -- however I have found a corn snake breeder in the city and an albino for sale with tank and all. Still hoping ex will replace his snake....but if he's a snake kid, I'm certainly not the one to stop any love of any animal (OK...except spiders -- I see no way on this earth I am going to have a big spider in my house)....but I digress.....
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