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A bird that screams when you leave is a tough one. You obviously aren't coming back right away so the screaming isn't reinforced that way. Beeper must like to hear himself scream?

Have you tried giving a favorite treat just before you leave to keep him busy as you slip out?

Kia is becoming more vocal which means she is becoming more comfortable and confident which is great. However, a screaming M2 at 7:30 a.m. is not a welcome sound for me or neighbours, I'm sure. Getting her breakfast to her first and fast seems to help. I think I need to start doing this first and getting ready for work second as my hair dryer usually gets her going -- perhaps if she was busy chowing down, she wouldn't get started. Like Beeper....once she's excited and going, it takes a bit to wind her down. It's great to see her so happy....but not so great to hear it. Some day I'll record her as a warning to all potential 'too owners. Earplugs (or too many years of heavy metal music ) are a definite requirement!!
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