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I came across this interesting article and I thought ya'll might enjoy it.

Location, Location, Location

I agree that location is very important! We have playstands in different rooms so we can bring Toby in other rooms with us. He does spend time playing on his cage but he spends lots of time away from his cage too. We keep his cage in a central part of our house so he can feel a part of the family. He's in the living room but we don't really use it, we spend most of our time in our great room (TV, comfy couches, etc are in the great room). Our house is a ranch and the way it's set up, Toby's in the middle. We felt this is the best place for him, rather than a back bedroom and rather than the great room which has too much activity in the evening. He's also in front of a really big window that looks out on the front yard and the woods. Thankfully that window doesn't get any direct sunlight.

What's your setup like?
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