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I thought while we're on the topic of bunny neutering, can I ask something?

My bunny, Mitsy, is a 1 yr old male Lionhead. I wondered if there was any need in getting him neutered as the method used isn't as safe as the US method (calcium injections, I believe). He is very placid, never aggrssive like my old rabbits were and he is very inquisitive but he is timid if you open the hutch door and try to stroke him. He is also impossible to hold as he kicks you, but only to get away.

The only reason I saw was because he used to live with Guiness, my male guinea pig who is about the same age. However, we had to seperate them and buy a large cage for Guiness as they were both jumping on each other.

Is there any need in getting him neutered, as I'm worried about the safety of the anesthetic/operation as I've had bunnies die after going to the vets before. The vets around here seem to not care about the animals very much, but I may be saying that because of what happened to my other bunnies.

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