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I'm getting one of my males neutered this week because
of how he changed when I got him a buddy. He was the
sweetest guy I've ever had, would lay in my hands and
roll over for me to pet his tummy, very loveable and
affectionate. Then I got him a female.... They get along
great, but he has become overly protective of her and is
now the meanest glider I've ever seen. I CANNOT put my
hand in the cage, or he attacks (latches on with his teeth
and almost can't be shook off). I've even had to redo the cage
to be able to take food bowles out and put new ones in without
putting my hand in. I do some breeding, but all my gliders are
my pets first, so he's going in today for a checkup and getting
surgery scheduled. I would rather not breed him if he's going to
be mean anyway. I want my sweet little guy back.....
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