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A rule for most visits to the vet is that at a normal vet clinic it costs about as much as a human doctor's visit. Special deals are often made for vaccinations or spaying/neutering. This often costs about 3 times as much as a human doctor's visit. Emergency visits at odd hours are about double a normal consultation fee. Medicine is a little cheaper than for human care. Have medical care for your pet in place if you can, or have a savings account where you put away an amount each month to pay for future vets visits/emergencies. It can and will happen to you. Assume that your cat will break his leg, develop diabetes or get a rash that doesn't want to go away at least once in his life. Plan for this.

This is just a international general guide.

Sometimes individual countries have societies/shelters/special orginisation that offer care at cheaper rates. Often shelters offer spaying/neutering/vaccination deals for a minimal fee if you take a kitten they have rescued. These kittens are just as perfectly lovable as pet shop kittens ! Please adopt a homeless kitten! There is always a HUGE variety at most shelters, even cats that look exactly like pure bred cats!


Repeat that loudly. Most vets cost result from things that could have been prevented by spaying/neutering. Cuts that get infected, broken legs, infections from cat bites.... Your cat can only be friendlier and happier after being fixed. The risks are minimal. The benefits are lithany! So save yourself a huge amount of money by spending a little to have your kitten fixed. And don't even mention stray cats that have millions of kittens each year....

Yours just might be the pregnant cat! Can you afford to have 4-6 cats?

I thought it couldn't happen to me too...It did.
I have 6 cats now
And a dog
The eldest cat lost his leg to amputation yesterday. Stuff happens.

Don't misunderstand me...I am not trying to scare you away from getting a pet.
Your cat is going to be the most rewarding purchase you ever make bar none. Just don't under-invest on your best buy!When the time comes you will not be able to give him away or put him down because you don't have money. You will bankrupt yourself and try to save him. Unless you are Hitler.

Believe me, all the planning, costs and effort will be worth while when kitty curls up and makes a warm spot on your lap while you are typing on your pc or reading a book. He will purr when you feed him , and you will feel like God. When he uses the litter box properly the first time you will make a fool of yourself to your friends by describing his toilet habits in detail and ending the sentence with "It's so CUUUTE!" Pets make people healthier and makes them live longer.

All this for about the amount you pay for household insurance is a pretty good deal!

Good luck!

Rant will end now

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