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I actually told him to try to put the collar on him and he wont do it. I'll try telling my boyfriend though. He lets my boyfriend touch him also. It was weird though. The day before he started acting like this he was all rubbing himself on me and rolling over around me and going to sleep next to it's like he doesn't even want to get near me.
My parents give me like 30 dollars a week for babysitting my brother in the weekends. All that goes to my cats. If I ever need anything I was to literally save for weeks. I have a checking account with hardly anything in there already and I don't think I'll be getting federal aid for school anymore because of dropping some classes. I have to find a job to be able to go back to school and I definately have to have one to be able to take care of my needs. I love my cats though and I actually would rather buy them food than myself anyday. I know it's not healthy but I have to be able to take care of them before me.
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