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I am really bad when it comes to cleaning out the dog's ears but when I've done it the balls have been clean. The last time I cleaned out Biscuit's ears was before we went away, she started scratching them so I cleaned them. she had a tiny bit of wax in there but not much and she stopped scratching after that. I do check them regularly (Biscuit's and Cindy's) but they always look clean and at vet checks the vet always says they are clean too. I don't think we've ever cleaned Cindy's ears. In 14 years she has only had one ear infection and again her ears always come up good when it comes to vet checks.
I know my best friend cleans her dog's ears every time she baths them and she said they are always dirty. I know it seems really wrong to not clean a dogs ears but for some reason they just don't seem to get a wax build up or dirt in them at all. I think for any future dogs I have I will just see how they go, clean them out and then keep cleaning them until I can figure out how often they need to be done.

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