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Vibrating filter/pump

I have been letting my tank filter/pump and heater run for the last 2 1/2 weeks so that it can build up a bit of an eco-system for the fish. But I have noticed that it sounds like the filter/pump are making a vibrating noise that sounds almost like our coffee machine when it is pouring out the water.

The filter/pump is not spewing out any air bubbles or anything and is just circulating water as normal in the tank. It is a filter/pump system that sits inside in the tank in the water mostly (just the very top is not submerged)

Is this vibrating something to worry about? Do I need to take it to the store and have them look at it or is it just vibrating off something?

I don't want to get any fish until I know for sure that they will be okay in the tank.

Thanks for the help!
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