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Originally Posted by Millimi
I have my rabbits outside and so do a few other members here, and I know especially well that Steph (Purplebunny) and I spoil our bunnies to death, not literally of course.
I have my two in a 6 by 8 foot shed that has a fan for summer and a heating system for the winter. They each have their own cage and play area since they don't get along. They have ALL the toys pet stores have to offer a bunny and thensome. I even customized their bedding for each bunny's preferences. I clean their cages weekly and their litter boxes more frequently. There is NO way I neglect my bunnies in any way. My two are happier outside and Harry was not nearly as happy inside as he is now, but you can't call living in a mini-house living outside.
I know some people do neglect their outdoor rabbits, but it's not limited to just rabbits. But people that follow the "out of sight, out of mind" way of life make you wonder about how well they would treat a pet even if it were inside.
Didn't mean to right an essay here, but this is something I feel strongly about. If anyone says I neglect my pets because they are outside then I can't be held responsible for my words.
Thanks Natalie...
I agree why stop at rabbits being neglected, there are dogs and other animals also that are kept outside! Natalie has said exactly what I would have mentioned too..
My 4 live in a large shed and want for nothing.. They have access to the garden every day, sometimes just for an hour, other times nearly all day.. The shed had been boarded so that it is warmer for them, and in the summer it has a window that can be opened..
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