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Moving Madness

Hi Everyone,

So this weekend (starting today) I am moving into our first house!
Very stressfull and exciting for us, But I'm sure it's just going to be stressful on our Doggy Whizz.

Whizz is going to eventually have her own room. I've had to kennel her during bad weather and winter (she HATES the cold) for the last 2 years were we have been living. We kenneled her b/c we didn't own the place and the roommate who owned it didn't want her running amuck the house (his house, his rules). She also can jump anything and would decide to take herself for a walk on the 4 lane busy road behind us.
She has a bit of seperation anxity so likes to wreck things if we leave her unsupervised in our room.

I want to know if anyone has an "Tricks" to help make this a easier move on our doggy. We've only had her 2 years, and she's already been through 2 other homes so being in a new place can be upsetting for her, and I KNOW she will try and distroy stuff.

We've been to the house to get the key's and bring a few things twice now and brought her each time. So her first "sleep" there will probably be tomorrow night.

Any Hints and Tips would be much apperiacted!
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