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Fur loss?

I know this has been asked before and was unable to locate the previous thread which had no responses anyway. My male (not neutered), age unknown as he was a rescue running around in a local neighborhood scratched off a large patch of just the outer light brown fur when he was first brought to me. He still had the dark fuzzy left underneath on his side near his rear leg. He was cleared by my vet and there was no redness, rash or signs of mites and was assumed maybe nervousness due to him being bounced around from outside to the humane society, then the animal control officers home (they were going to put him to sleep and he couldnt stand the thought so adopted him till he could find an appropriate home) before coming to mine. He no longer seems to scratch or bite at the area but it now covers more than half of his right side? He isnt bald and continues to have the underneath black fuzz just not the outer longer brown fur. Vet still cant find any problem. Has anyone else had this issue? Rest of him is fine and he's just as lovable as always, adjusted wonderfully to being here and is King of the House! My female shows no signs of any of this either.
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