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Whats my favourite dog...humm thats very very hard to decide i LOVE all barking animals, well I LOVE all animals, but I consider myself more like a dog person.

Anyways, I actually own a miniature Schanuzer and LOVE the breed, I used to have a Great Dane, and LOVED him too he was as nice as he was big (he thought he was a minitoy poodle tough). And my beloved Jamie was a Minitoy Poodle that was my best of friends since my childhood until I was 24. Ohh and Lobo, a gorgeous Samoyed we owned when I was a child. And Rayo a German Shepherd dog who was a year older than I was hehehe

So I guess those are my very favourite, but any dog will do, I'd like to get a Beagle sometime...gee any dog is just right for me, LOVE them all, mutts and purebreeds.
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