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hmm.. i'm not sure of what you could do other than just give it time. i'm sure she will either accept stash and elvis or she won't. hopefully she will! If they are not attacking each other then i am sure in time she will adjust. maybe she is just real intimidated for now since she probably sees it as 2 males against the one of her (even though they are friendly) hopefully she will ease herself into the situation eventually.

rabbits seem to be quite stubborn and resistant to change- thats how mine are anyway. my youngest rabbit is a real sweet little girl and would love to be friends with my oldest rabbit. However- my oldest rabbit Thimble just refuses. she won't viciously bite Sniffles anymore but still grunts at her and nips at her like there's no tomorrow. its been over a year and nothings changing...

but since yours aren't fighting now - hopefully Sakura will accept the situation for you so they can all live together happily. i think its just a matter of giving it time to progress at her pace. good luck with things!

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