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degenerate nerves

Hi there, well I have had to take caramel to the vet a few times this week. She was really battling to walk, peeing all over her legs which has made the fur on one of her legs come off because of the ammonia in her urine, she really looks a mess on her one leg poor little thing. I wasn't happy with the diagnosis of my vet, so took her to another this morning and he really did a thorough examination. He has diagnosed that her nerves are degenerating because she has very little feeling in her back legs, this is why she isn't hopping well. Bad sad news, he said that it will slowly get worse and its really a lifestyle issue I must consider. I am devastated, because I really don't want to put her down. He said she is in no pain at all, but it will get slowly worse. What should I do, I am so muddled and confused and upset!!!!! any feed back or suggestions would be greatly appreciated from all bunny lovers!!!
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