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Last is Samantha, my black beauty. There is a story on her. Samantha was found on my doorstep by a neighbor that kept hearing a kitten crying and followed it to my doorstep to find Samantha. She took her home and kept her but every time she would let her out of the house, she ran streight back to my doorstep and cried to come in.. (Let me insert here that my job requires that I am GONE for 28 days at a time but when I am off, I am OFF and home for 28 days)

Eventually, I came home and my heart broke at this kitten crying to come in and even though I knew she was someone elses, I let her in. She would stay here for up to 5 days before her Mommie would come looking for her and take her home. At this time, I only had Chester and he was in love with this black beauty and loved her being here. Samantha would run and hide when she heard a knock on my door, afraid it would be that lady to come take her home and she would fight like a tiger to stay here when she would find her. That was a emotional roller coaster for me, seeing that baby fight so hard to stay with me, KNOWING she wanted to stay and was not being properly cared for and somewhat abused at home and there was NOTHING I could do about it. I use to beg her to just give Sam to me and go get another cat and she wouldn't so this went on for about a year. They moved away and took Samantha and that is when and WHY I got Amy. Chester grieved so bad over loosing his playmate that I had to do something.

About a year later, they moved back and Samanth was pregnant. It was after she had kittens and was about to die from neglect and malnourishment, eaten up with fleas and still sitting on my doorstep again, begging to come in, did the lady agree to let me FINALLY have her. By the time I got her in to the vets to be spayed, she was already pregnant again and I am sure in the condition she was in, having kittens again so soon would kill her... her last babies were only 2 to 3 months old.

Today Samanth is healthy and happy and shows me her gratitude every day for finally letting this be her home. She has turned into a beautiful sweet lap girl that loves her home and has never shown any interest in going back outside again. This is Samantha
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