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Remedy for a dry kitty nose?

My cat Napoleon has chronic upper respiratory infections. He has only had one really bad infection, which was when he was a kitten (I think all the kittens in the shelter had it). Now he gets a bit congested from time to time but never anything bad. The only thing that persists is his dry nose. It looks so painful and dry. He gets crusties in the corners which we take care of with a q-tip and warm water but we aren't sure what to put on his nose to soothe the dryness. Vaseline? Some type of oil? A skin product for humans? He hates having his nose touched but it looks like it hurts so I think we should do something. So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it

I was also wondering if bad breath could be associated with chronic respiratory infections? He has had horrible breath for his whole life and the vet has never expressed concern but oh my goodness, it's the worst cat breath ever. And of course, he loves being up in people's faces, haha. We've tried brushing his teeth with one of those finger brushes and kitty toothpaste from the vet but he isn't having any of it. We've learned to live with it but I'd just like to know if it's common for cats with resp. infections to also have bad breath?

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