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Thanks for all the info I will keep an eye out for Feline Greenies. I'm definitely going to persist in trying to get him used to having his teeth brushed. Our other cat LOVES it but Napoleon is just so independent and stubborn. He always acts like he's on his way to somewhere important and you can't stop him for anything so silly as brushing his teeth. I'm trying to ease him into it but he's really weird about putting anything in his mouth. He will ONLY eat dry cat food and won't touch any treats, meat, gravy, or anything else. So the chicken flavored toothpaste doesn't catch his attention at all.

I will try some Vaseline on his nose for now. We do have a humidifier and it seems to help keep his congestion down pretty well He's only had to go on antibiotics once so far (when he was a kitten) but I'll definitely stay away from medicated creams unless the vet tells me to use them.
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