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Most of what you said above is ok, but I have to
disagree on a few things. Please, don't feed your
gliders catfood. The monkey chow is debated by some
breeders as well with the jaw problems caused by
these types of foods. Also, gliders need alot of calcium
to keep from getting hind-leg paralysis and dying. 1
tablespoon of yogurt (with live acidophilus cultures /and
without aspartame which will poison your gliders) several
times a week for each glider is good, but you have to give
gliders a calcium supplement (ex. Rep-Cal calcium with
vit D3 and no phosphorous). The BML (Bourbon's Modified
Leadbeaters) recipe is actually better than the regular
Leadbeaters as it was designed for squirrel gliders, which
have slightly different nutritional needs. The BML diet plan
was made specifically for sugar gliders by longtime breeders
and researchers. Gliders need a wide variety of fruits and
vegetables (just no garlic or onion or any from that family).
I just research these guys quite a bit and breed as well and
have noticed the difference in my gliders health and activity
levels when on different diets.
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