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I know that alot of people feed their sugar gliders crickets
and/or mealworms regularly. The amount goes from 3-5 a few times
a week to 6-8 a day. I feed mine mealworms. There has been a bit of a scare with aflotoxin poison killing a bunch of gliders from the crickets and mealworms due to the bedding some companies were using (corn).You might research this a bit (Glider Central ~~ I don't think it's as much with the mealworms tho. I haven't had any problems. If you live out in the country where you don't have to worry about insects being contaminated with pesticides you can
feed your gliders any number of insects...Crickets, grasshoppers, moths, beetles... I give mine a big moth every so often. Gliders prefer the bugs alive, but most will eat them fine even if they are
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