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I appreciate the info! I purchased a Jungle product today called Parasite Clear. It contains diflubenzuron which according to an article I saw is Dimlin. I believe that Dimlin is the brand name and diflubenzuron is the generic name for it. Besides I didn't see Dimlin at the store. It's so gross b/c there are these stick like things coming out of her and they have a forked tail! I was all set to try and pull them off of her until I came home and looked at them again! I asked the girl at petsmart and she said that the black moors sometimes get them they treat the water with this stuff and the just fall off themselves. I am so hoping that is what happens I will be a nervous wreck to take them off ourselves b/c I wil be afraid to leave a piece behind. She is doing well though. Very alert. Always begging for food. I am determined to get this cleared up. It's pretty easy too. This package says for anchor worms and fish lice to use 1 tablet per 10 gallons of water every 7 days doing a 25% water change each time. Do this up to 3 times. I am going to do the full 3 treatments. I will add the melafix every day as well. I also finally got the salt for the water. I plan to add that tomorrow. The poor things never had salt. I saw a product on line that was fish food that had an antiparastic in it. I forgot to look for it at the store. I don't want to overdose her - she is so tiny but I want these disgusting beasts off of her! Have you ever seen this food?
I would take a picture of her but I cannot figure out how to post from my home computer. It's a mac and I don't use it too often so I am still pretty clueless even though I have had it for at least 2 years. Now the PC at work - I can use that! I will have to take them and download them from my camera at work. She really is a cutie!

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