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Hey I thought we we're still mourning !

= ^ ~ ^ =

I dont Adam and Eve it, I arrived at Barbara's this afternoon with my bike and trailer to have her hush me and steer me away from the living room door of which was closed.

As soon as I heard the sound of little bells I knew what was up, and judging by the amount of jingling I estimated that she had got two new S**t machines.

Sorry about that I have this thing against cats what with being a gardener and all, after having been shown the two new kittens and telling them how much I hated them ( Which was a lie realy )

Because they are totaly adorable and Barbies house would'nt have been the same without a feline presence, they are both girls of course, no men allowed in the house so how I get away with stepping in the door I dont know, we eventualy named the two of them Penny and Tuppence and they we're frolicing away and playing a lot of the time.

And shorlty before I left Barbies they had a saucer of mashed sardines between them, they realy are so very huggable and although I may joke about how I hate them, I am telling porkies.

= ^ _ ^ =

I will try to get some pics of them on Wednesday the next time I am at Barbara's, but I can say one is chiefly black and the other is black and white, of course they are not black to look at.

Shirley was black and white, but her fur did look shiny blue black.

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