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A friend of mine has an animal shelter as well, Pembina Valley Pet Rescue. At the moment she has about 80 dogs and 15 cats. It's non-profit and she's actually really struggling to find people to adopt them. I've been helping her out a lot by making posters and helping feed them. It's a lot of work and she devotes all her time to these homeless animals. Since it's non-profit and she spends all of her time with them, she lives only by donations and because there hasn't been very many adoptions she's having a real hard time coming up with the money to feed eveyone. It costs her about $300 a week. Does anyone have some ideas I can give her to help get more of the animals adopted?
I live in Winnipeg and I have never heard of you. Where is Pembina Valley Rescue located? You need to get the word out that you around. Contact some of the local papers, that includes community papers. Also try some of the radio stations just phone in ask if you can tell listeners about your rescue group. A good way to get people to listen is to have a fund raiser of some kind. Ask people for donations for a garage sale. Is she a registered charity? Get a barbeque and have a hot dog sale. Have a special adoption day that goes along with your hot dog sale.

Just a few ideas for you.

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