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Sasami said..."Betta breeding is very tricky and rough on both the male and female. By making the slightest mistake you could lose both fish."

"If sucessful you could end up with hundreds and hundreds of fry...what do you plan to do with all of them? If your fish are veiltails then people are unlikely to buy them."

"How much room do you have? You'll need alot of tanks. A large one for the females (keep in mind that sometimes certain females won't get along which means you need even more aquariums), a couple smaller ones for the males, a small one for the fry, a grow-out tank (a 20-gallon is best), a couple breeding tanks (normally 10-gallons), and of course you need tanks for all the babies you keep."

She sure does know what she is talking about!
It sure is a lot of work and time and of course research is a MUST!!
Even after breeding them one or both of the mated pair might be injured and they need to be tended to correctly to prevent infection. Hence one needs to have proper meds ready at hand for the fishes health and a good outcome. Feeding all the breeding pairs and fry is something to take seriously if one wants healthy fish. Live blood worms(whole) for adult bettas and chopped up ones for small fry is very good for them.

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