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PIT BULL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lets see Troy's story can take awhile i work at a humane shelter and thats where i got him from he was at the shelter for 3 years (1 year at my shelter and 2 years at anohter shelter) he was in a crulity case that took 2 and a half years (poor dogs) there were 22 dogs in the case it was a case of neglect and abuse after the case was over he was for adoption for 6 months the judge said that none of the 22 dogs could be put to sleep (a good and bad thing depending on the way your looking at it) i live in an apartment that i can only have one dog due to the size i loved Troy but allready had a yellow lab named Spunky who i LOVED (and miss) dearly he however got cancer and had to be put to sleep 2-3 weeks later i couldn't live without a dog and i cryed everyday so i took Troy home and he's been here ever since. he's doing good and loves everyone although he's still got scares (not mentally but physiclly) all over his body and he's missing half his tounge.
Troys humane shelter pictures

ok that wasn't too bad lol.
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