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Thank you all for your comments. I love seeing all your bunny pics so thought i share a few updated ones!

Originally Posted by kathydip
They are adorable - all three.
Are those castles sturdy enough to hold a cat? I know my kitties would be in it before the bunnies.
I would say they would be sturdy enough. It has three levels. Tunnel at the bottom goes through to the ground floor, the second floor has an exit down the "moat" and there is a floor on the lookout where they can, funnily elnough, look out over theyre "kingdom"!!!

Originally Posted by candyraver
I love rabbits AND budgie's! I have both myself! Very cute pictures!!
I never even saw a bunny castle before,did you make it yourself or is there a way I can purchase such a treat for my rabbits on the internet?

Thanks for posting these photos =D
I bought mine from a company called, click online shop. Not sure if they ship internationally. If not you could probably make a similar one - im just not very creative!
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