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Question Daredevil Chinchilla!

So Henry is about 7 months old and I know that when chinchillas are young they have a lack of depth perception and can get hurt being little dare-devils. Henry is very cautious when he crawls out of his cage, it is high up off the ground and when the door is open and I am standing there he slowly comes out to me and then jumps in my arms. I will hold him long enough to move a little bit away from the cage and then he flies out of my arms and onto the floor. It almost does not matter how I hold him. He flies. I am worried he is going to hurt himself.

He also does it in his cage. He will leap around the cage from side to side and jump up and then fall. Sometimes, he just falls off the ledges. He can follow my finger or a treat or Hailey (his cagemate) but sometimes I worry he might be blind?

Is this an ok age for him to still be slightly off with his depth perception? Or should he be checked out? I worry about him getting hurt but he seems to like the jumping. Help!
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