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and also get to be 6 foot long, live 20 years and have lived up to 29, need lots of care, they can get grumpy when its mating season, if you dont handle them often they dont like you, they can bite to the bone when full grown, they can sometimes be scared to death by birds, they are excape artists, they like to play tricks on you. They do have lots of personality, seam like they could start talking at any molment. (i think mine would have a potty mouth) they require fresh food daily so you cant go on vacation and just have extra food and water and they will be fine... its common for females to become gravid and need surgery... they often eat things in your house and need surgery...

I do not suggest an iguana to anyone that does not want a huge responsibility... I love my iguana and did TONS of research, and wanted one for years I am up to the challenge of one but many arent... they are active in the morning most and go to bed when the sun goes down.. mine doesnt stay up past 7:30

IF she is thinking of getting an iguana she should read the ultimate owners manual by james w hatfield III its a huge 600 page book that talks about everything.


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