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I have 3 gliders and am in the process of looking for 1 or 2 more. My babies are so precious. My male does have a stronger smell, but he is so adorable. him and 1 of my girls play chase ON ME. They love to be out and use me as a ladder, ramp, tree top, whatever they want. They are definately NOT a good animal for most kids or people who go to bed early and can't spend alot of time with them. Their cages do have to be cleaned regularly, as well as any areas they are allowed to play. I am going to get USDA licensed to breed and sell soon, but I wont just sell to anyone. Gliders have alot of care/health needs and alot of people just have too busy of a life to care for them properly. But if you end up being one of the people who develop a strong bond with them, you'll never want to live without gliders again.
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