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I took them to the vet again ystrday so that Fred and Wilma cud get their anti-rabbies injections and I cud speak to the vet again abt neutering them.Few things happenened which were of concern:-

1) It was a chore getting Betty back into the cage as it was daytime and she must have thought it was too early for bedtime. I tried to coax her with her fafvourite food(corriander leaves) etc.but that did not work. Eventually I had to pick her up forcefully and return her to her cage.In the process,it looked like she secreted some liquid on my throw cover of the couch where she and Barney have realised they can jump up and reach. I thought it was urine due to being scared.After returning,the liquid had dried white.I wasn't sure what it was.But later on in the day,while reasserting their supremecy on their territory, Betty and Barney were once again on the couch and ONLY Betty proceeded to lick the white stain until it was cleaned!! I have no ides what this liquid cud b??Any siggestions?

2) The vet now confirmed the genders and I also took the help of the pet shop owner where the vet was holding his clinic. However, according to the vet,Indian bunnies do not need to b neutered till 6 months plus,when they r reaching full genital development. He once again seemed more at ease neutering the males and avoiding the females saying thee was no need. I enquired abt whether he was just going to remove the ovaries but he said he wud remove the uerus tooBut he was concerend since spraying involved deeper surgery than neutering and the stiches were of concern to him. Also,when I mentioned that if not sprayed,there was a risk of future uteral cancer and other problems for the females but he disagreed and said he had not seen any such evidence in Indian bunnies over the years. SO I AM A BIT CONFUSED. EVERYWHERE I ASK ON THE NET,AND READ AND RESEARCH ON THE NET,I AM ADVISED THAT THEY SHUD B SPRAYED FOR HEALTH RESONS BUT THIS VET DID NOT AGREE AS FAR AS INDIAN BUNNIES R CONCERNED.
THe problem is that I have lfound little option or alernative to him.Most vets say they have learnt during college days abt rabbits but have not practical experience wiht them during their professional carriers??

SO I AM AT QUARE ONE AS TO WHAT TO DO?? Any suggestions fellow bunny companions?
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