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Originally Posted by Angelnstuff
i thought about the ghost shrimp, do they have any special needs? or do they just eat the left over food off the bottem? would corys bother them? or vice versa?

all the gravel in the tank is from the other tank, so it should cycle really quick right?
They eat food off the bottom but it's a good idea to sometimes drop in a sinking pellet or wafer. You can actually find pellets made for shrimp in some petstores. They are very peaceful and normally don't bother other animals in the tank. I've been told cory cats will eat them but I've never tried keeping them together so I don't know for sure.

Yeah, it should cycle much faster . To speed it up even more you can take the filter cartridge from the other tank and squeeze it over the cartridge in the new tank. It's like home-made Bio-Spira . This way you are sharing the bacteria between the two tanks.


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