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. What type of bedding do you use? I know that there are different preferences out there, so please just list what you use. I use Pine bedding, with a layer of woodstove pellets under it the pine, in the area's the pigs tend to pee in.

2. What food do you guys use? And where do you get it? I use Oxbow Cavy Cusion(sp...prehaps the best cavy food out there now) I origannly got it from oxbow, but now i get it from a suppilar.

3. I am planning on breeding and I have read that sows must be bred the first time before 7 months, but what is the ideal age for breeding a sow the first time? Usually between 3-5 months is the best time to breed a sow, a boar can be bred at any time, however as he gets older, his sperm count may drop.

4. Do they require an introduction period, or can you place them together immediately? They require a 3-4 week quartine, away from all other pigs, It usually takes me 3-7 days to get my new pigs together, sometimes I have good luck, and they are together withen the first day, other times it takes a lot longer.

5. I have read that they need loose hay daily besides their pellets and veggies. Do you use loose hay?
Yes I use loose timothy hay.
6. What kind of toys do you give your piggy to play with?

I give them little tubes that they can run in, plastic cat balls w/ the bells in them, and TP tubes, somethimes other things i can find that seems to be useful for them.
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