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Originally Posted by ShiroKuro View Post
sorry I've taken so long to respond, computer troubble, it's been out of comission for a couple weeks. We had to have the whole thing wiped clean, lost all my files and everything

I'm not exactally sure what brand of pellets they are, or even if they were chinchilla pellets. The pet store just had the food dumped into clear plastic bags the ones I bought had a "D" written on it with permanent marker, she said they were for degus, but they looked exactaly like the chinhilla pellets, marked with a "C"... come to think of it, they looked exactally like the "G" guinnea pig pellets too >.> it would be really nice to know what I was feeding them...

it's weird, I've been keeping an eye on them both and he looks bigger in the morning, then gets smaller at night, is it possible for degus to gain weight while they sleep because they are not active, then loose it during the day as they exercise? it sounds unhealthy.
If you don't know what they are then I'd switch foods. I don't know where you live but if you're in the US then look for the degu food by Sun Seed...that's definitely one of the best (if not the very best) degu food available here. Then there's Brisky's which isn't perfect but still good . Hagen also makes guinea pig pellets which are fine for sugar or anything. You don't need to feed chinchilla pellets but mixing some healthy ones in with guinea pig food is fine. Avoid mixes full of colorful pieces, seeds, nuts, and corn. I would just get plain pellets. Some seeds and nuts as treats are fine, though.

When degus sleep (or are sleepy) they tend to puff up a bit and can look a little chubby. Maybe that's what's going on? Just pay attention to the weight when he's running around...not sleeping.

I hope that helps!


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