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Crazy Chin Lady
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Not to beat a dead horse with this, but I work in a pet store and not all of them are bad. If I don't know something about a fish or a reptile or any of the animals, I'm not going to lie to the customer to get a sale. I will go find someone that knows about the particular species. Now, if someone doesn't know anything about a chinchilla, they come find me.

Back to the matter at hand. A gentleman came in yesterday looking for a brackish watter puffer. I told them we haven't had any brackish water fish in years and said we had salt, but that's it. He had tried everywhere and I said I know at one point in time Wal-Mart had brackish, but wouldn't buy any fish from there. I've seen the conditions and it breaks my heart. Algae over the tank, a lot of dead fish in the tank, small tanks to begin with...well, you get the point. I honestly don't think chain stores like Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Target should sell any animal, whether it be fish or now like the above poster said, hamsters!
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