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Do you fall under the catagory of parent who drags their kid to the doctor at the slightest thing?
No, I don't run my kids to the doctor for every little thing, BUT if my kid was landed on/stepped on by someone 5-10 times their size I WOULD at the very least call my doctor and more than likely take them in to be seen. If you had a dog that was hit by a car would you "wait it out" or bring it to the vet? A chin being landed on by a human is pretty much the same thing. He should have been seen to rule out any fractures and internal injuries.

With my pets, I don't make guesses in their care... I do call my veterinary office if I think there could be a potential problem with one of them (I have called my vet maybe 5 times this year for things other than setting up appointments, which I do not think is excessive considering I had a terminally ill pet)... Most veterinarians appreciate it when a client calls over nothing, than not call, "wait it out" and then rush in a patient that is close to coding, which makes it harder for the vet to save the pet and more expensive for the owner. "Waiting it out" kills thousands of pets a year, especially in 'small and furry' animals who tend to not show symptoms of a problem until it is too late.

I get REALLY sick of people complaining that they don't have any money to properly care for their pet(s)... Pets cost money...
If you can not afford the vet, then you can not afford the pet. My suggesting you re-home your pet if you can not afford veterinary care is not "drastic", it was a humane suggestion considering that you "don't have the money to bring him to a vet", and because you said that he was not "hop[ping] straight and was veering to the hurt side" which was an obvious sign of trauma. Your animal was injured and I was suggesting what you could do to get it help, since you could not afford to get it to the vet.

Also, just because you think he is fine, doesn't mean that he is... he could still be having issues from being stepped on and might not be showing any symptoms of pain or distress because he is a prey animal... prey animals usually DO NOT show signs of illness, because like I said before it makes them an easy target for a predator.

I guess for you, the fact that you "saved a fortune by waiting a little bit" is a big priority since you mentioned it twice.

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