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Originally Posted by LuvMeTrue View Post
could you have done something to upset milo. I know when my cats were upset or jealous they would pee in places other then their litter box.
wouldn't not suprise me. He is a very spiteful kitty. When my friend and I lived together if she made milo mad he would sit on her dresser, meow until she looked and then one by one throw all of her pictures on the floor. He also threw a bobblehead at me once because I put it on "his" shelf. I know if the past it happened when my boyfriend left for Pittsburgh for the night for his job and when the litterbox wasn't clean enough for him. It hasn't happened in the last couple of days so I have no idea.

Originally Posted by pinkie1205 View Post
Theres this plug in thing you can buy at petsmart called comfort zone or comfort ease or something like that. It's like a glade plug in and it has phermones that are suppose to put the cat at ease.
Yeah I've seen those and I will probably end up getting one at some point. The nearest PetSmart is over an hour away for me and I don't really have the time to go at this time. Does anyone know if they actually work because they are pretty expensive, but if it prevents the peeing, it's well worth it
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