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JADE, The avatars are so cool! I have changed mine a couple of times now and since it is snowing here, for tonight, I am picking the snowing av! : They are all great. Are more coming? It's like Christmas early! I feel like a little kid! Yay, yippee, hurray~~~ I'm a happy little avatar! I loved the litttle turkey you picked for Thanksgiving. Oh, so much to look forward to. And the seasonal, I'll never know which to settle on. YES! The good things in life... You have made me SO happy. Keep them coming, you're doing great! I'm hooked on these things, they are like a smile in a box to me. Even if you stop now, I am on and am so thankful for all of the new ones you have added! I can't make up my mind which to use next. WAAAHHOOO! YAAAAYYYY! Thanks again! Charlene
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