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Fish Tanks

I moved about a year ago and have not gotten all of my tanks set back up. Currently I have a 20 gallon with two frontosa and 3 synodontis catfish, a 50 gallon with two sunshine peacocks and 3 regal peacocks and 2 synodontis cats. Empty I have a 30g, 5 x 55g, 3 x 10g and a number of 2.5 gallon tanks that I used to raise fry in when I was breeding African cichlids.

I am still hoping to breed the two frontosa. I had 5 of them until we had an ice storm last December that knocked the power out for nearly a week. I did lots of water changes (we have gas hot water heater), but still lost most of my frontosa.

Here are a few pics.
tn_aulonocara stuatgranti -maleri-2.JPG
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