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Originally Posted by Sasami View Post
Where did you get him?
He was sort of a rescue. He was brought into a local exotic pet shop, because he didn't get along with his previous owners other kinkajou - in an attempt to give their first little guy a new friend. The pet store owners know me, and pretty much the array of stuff I keep, so called me when he was brought in.

Originally Posted by Sasami View Post
What sort of diet are you feeding? I mean, I know you're feeding fruits but what vitamins? If you add any, that is.
He gets a selection of fruit, including mango, banana, apple, grapes, pears, peaches, blueberries, various melons - whatever I can find in season. On top of that he gets monkey biscuits, a little yogurt, some eggs, leafy greens - varied up a bit so he doesn't get bored. I use a calcium supplement, but for right now no other vitamins. I'm debating using powdered Esbilac sprinkled over some of the fruit as a supplement, but that's on my list of things to discuss with my vet.

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