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adrenal gland disease.

HEllo everyone. Im new to this site. Was wondering if anyone can give me some advice or opinions. My ferret is 6 yrs old. About 2 years ago she was diagnosed with insolinoma. She had the surgery and everything was fine. Now about 2 months ago i noced alot of hairloss, took her to the vet and it was the adrenal gland. So ive been pretty much going crazy ever since. I decided not to put her through surgery considering she already been through one and her age. about 2 wks ago she recieved her first lupron shot, But now im noticing her vulva is getting really swollen, it wasent before. I guess my main question is, Is it normal for it to get swollen even though she recieved the lupron? Does anyone know how long it takes to start working? Or does it mean that its malignant and the lupron isnt working? If anyone knows any info plz get back to me.. Any advice would help.
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