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That's a nice looking cage. It looks pretty sturdy compared to some of the taller rodent cages. Only thing I see that may prove to be difficult is the base. The rats may learn to push the base out if it's not heavy enough [duct tape and its many uses]. It's also not very deep so they'll push as much bedding out as they can. If you get this cage, or a cage like this I'd recommend using sheets instead of bedding, and just do a daily vacuum, and weekly or twice-weekly sheet swap. Oh and you'll definitely need more shelves. It seems too bare.

Where did you find this cage anyways? Who's the maker? I'd like to check it out a bit more.

And thanks for the thread! This should be awesome in giving me cage ideas. I'll arrange some pictures of my old cage setups and post them here to give other people ideas =D.
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