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yeah, and not a little squeak, I do a full blown "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" and jump like I'm startled. It scares the poop out of them! (plus if they break skin it hurts a lot). Then they think "Oh, that must have really hurt!" But this is only if they break skin. If they don't break skin then they're just playing with you. If they do it while your hand is in or near the cage, they're doing it because they want YOU to go in THERE lol. They don't understand that you're too big. They just want you to be in their house to snuggle instead of in your house to snuggle. My Timmy's done that. Sometimes he just insists, so I'll be up to my armpit in cage LOL. But then he eventually reaches my shoulder. Then WHOOP up we go and it's on the couch time. Funny little buggers aren't they?

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