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Fresh Herbs: Treat or "Leafy Green"?

Opus is acting up again -=/

but not totally sick like last time, just less playful.
he's about 9 months now, so he's going through another molt.

anyway, his stomach has been feeling gassy but he's not grinding his teeth like he's in pain, so I've been steady giving him baby gas-x and fluids and sometimes pellets in soft form.

as i was researching his condition, i came across this article on the website: on Sluggish Motility in the GI Tract

and especially paid attention to this paragraph:

"I find that over 50% of the rabbits presented with this condition will take care of it themselves when they are given a big pile of leafy greens to eat. Most of the cases of stomach impaction we see have been on a primary pellet diet and have had little or no access to greens or hay. They are craving fiber and fluids and the leafy greens can be just the ticket. In addition we give all these patients good quality grass hay. We completely remove pellets from the diet (rabbits usually won't eat pellets when they are ill anyway). Whatever treatment is used, one can expect stools to be produced within three days. It is rarely necessary to perform surgery for this condition."

the only "greens" Opus will eat are the fragrant kind - basil being a favorite, then flat leaf parsley, cilantro, and mint being his least favorite but he'll still eat. he won't eat lettuce or anything else. a little bit of carrot once in a while but i stay away from the sweets.

so to make a long question longer, are herbs a treat, or are they good enough to be leafy green to include in their daily diet? will this help make him well again?

tia ;-)
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