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need Glider diet help

I just got my glider two days ago. I got some of the formula and the breeder said it was enough and I might want to look into some treats later.well....I want to change things up a bit and give her food that she'll really enjoy and look forward to eating (I've heard good food makes them sweeter and easier to bond with) not just tolerate because thats what shes got. I've given her some apple while I work with her and I also included a tiny amount of honey. What else can I give her and what is the best treat for her? she loves honey but I figure that should be something extra special. IDK though I'm not very experienced and I only know what I've read and been told by the breeder.

She has greatly improved her attitude since I gave her the apples and honey and let her crawl on my hand. Shes proving to be very sweet!
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